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PJ Lane, whose father popular entertainer Don Lane was lost to dementia, said he is honored to be associated with the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) as an Ambassador.

“Losing my father to dementia and watching how the disease progressed has inspired me to do everything and anything I can to make a difference. Awareness and early detection is vital but it’s the research by people such as Henry Brodaty and Perminder Sachdev that holds the key to a future without dementia and dementia-related illnesses.”

The Centre will be positioned as an international centre of excellence in multidisciplinary research into the ageing brain. Its work will extend from molecular work in the genetics and proteomics laboratories, to tissue culture and cell-related work in the Stem Cell Lab, to neuronal systems and networks in the Neuroimaging Lab, to clinical, epidemiological and sociological research, to research on ageing health policy using the strong links with the teaching hospitals, aged care providers, state and federal governments and the established ageing cohort studies. Its work will strongly emphasise implementation, capacity building and translational research.

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PJ Lane delivers a speech at the CHeBA launch